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Family Activity: 5 Tips for Bricks & Minifigs

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Calling all young builders, creative minds, and LEGO enthusiasts, I have something fun for you!

It's time to dive into a world of endless possibilities and boundless imagination! If you've ever marveled at the colorful bricks that have brought joy to generations, then you're in for a treat. Welcome to the enchanting realm of "Bricks & Minifigs," a family-friendly haven where the magic of LEGO comes to life!

In this blog post, we'll be your guide as we explore the wonders of the "Bricks & Minifigs" store and discover five invaluable tips to make the most out of this exceptional family activity. From uncovering hidden treasures within the LEGO bins to embarking on daring LEGO constructions, these tips will add a dash of excitement and spark endless inspiration for your family's LEGO journey.

Bricks and Minifigs store front in West Babylon

This past Sunday we stopped by our local Bricks & Minifigs location in West Babylon, NY. We had so much fun! This is a perfect family outing for any day! Get ready to build memories, brick by brick, as we embark on an extraordinary family activity that promises to bring joy, laughter, and endless possibilities.

You can find your own local store by using this map

5 Tips for Bricks & Minifigs

Tip #1: Attend a Sunday Funday Bulk Building

Kickstart your family's brick-building adventure by attending a thrilling Sunday Funday Bulk Building event at your nearest Bricks & Minifigs store! Sundays have never been more exciting as this weekly gathering promises a haven for LEGO enthusiasts of all ages, young and old!

I brought my kids to attend this past Sunday's Funday Bulk Building. They had so much fun! It's $20 for 1 child and $15 each for more than 1 builder. For the fee, you get to build any creation you want from their bulk bins and you take it home with you. Rachel and her daughter were so nice and they had donuts for everyone! The children were so happy with what they each created that they came home and played with everything all day and the sets they built are still their favorite LEGOs in our house!!

Let your creativity run wild as you delve into the bins, hand-picking the perfect bricks to bring your wildest creations to life. With the guidance of knowledgeable staff and the company of fellow builders, you'll discover the joy of teamwork, problem-solving, and boundless LEGO possibilities. So, mark your calendars and prepare for a Sunday filled with endless fun, laughter, and the magic of building together as a family!

Sunday Funday bulk building

Tip #2: Build and purchase minifigs

In addition to the Sunday Funday bulk build at the store, they have bins where you can build your own minifigs! You pick a head, body, legs, and accessory all for $5, and if you want to build more than 1 there is a discounted price. Mix and match different pieces to create your own custom minifigs, each with its own distinctive personality and style. Whether you're assembling a fearsome LEGO knight, a quirky scientist, or a brave space explorer, the possibilities are limitless.

Building your custom minifigs at Bricks & Minifigs is not only a thrilling creative exercise but also a chance to add unique characters to your LEGO world. Create a diverse array of minifigs to populate your LEGO city, embark on epic adventures, or even bring your favorite fictional characters to life. Additionally, if you're looking to expand your existing collection, the store offers an array of pre-built minifigs from various LEGO themes, allowing you to find the perfect additions to your ensemble. My son had so much fun building his own minifig! I highly recommend it.

Tip #3: Trade in or sell your old Legos

Did you know that you can sell or trade-in your LEGOS? As your LEGO collection grows over the years, you may find that some sets or pieces no longer spark the same joy they once did. Instead of letting them gather dust in the attic, consider trading in or selling your old Legos at a Bricks & Minifigs store. It's a win-win situation – you declutter your space, and other LEGO enthusiasts get the opportunity to breathe new life into your pre-loved sets. Whether it's a complete set that's missing a few pieces or individual bricks waiting to be part of a bigger masterpiece, there's a good chance someone out there is searching for exactly what you have to offer.

Trading in or selling your old Legos not only helps you make room for fresh additions to your collection but also provides a valuable lesson in sustainability for the whole family. It teaches children the importance of reusing and recycling, giving toys a second life rather than letting them go to waste. Plus, the process of sorting through your collection together can be a fun and bonding experience for everyone, reminiscing about past creations and making way for new adventures with LEGO. This is a very neat part of the Bricks and Minifigs store so be sure to take advantage of it!

Tip #4 Bring a Friend!

Bricks & Minifigs is a place where LEGO enthusiasts can bond over their shared passion for these colorful bricks. One of the best ways to enhance your experience is by bringing a friend along on your visit. Whether they're seasoned LEGO builders or newcomers to the world of bricks, sharing the joy of exploring the store together adds an extra layer of fun and excitement. You can embark on joint building projects, engage in friendly LEGO competitions, or simply revel in the nostalgia of your favorite LEGO sets. Plus, having a friend by your side opens up the opportunity for collaboration as you exchange ideas and inspiration for new creations. So invite a friend to join you on your Bricks & Minifigs adventure, and together you'll build unforgettable memories and discover the boundless possibilities that LEGO has to offer.

Tip #5 Have fun!

Amidst the excitement of building intricate LEGO creations and engaging in Sunday Funday Bulk Building events, let's not forget the most important aspect of this family activity – having fun! Embrace the childlike wonder that LEGO ignites in all of us and let go of any perfectionist tendencies. There are no right or wrong ways to build with LEGO; every creation, big or small, is a masterpiece in its own right. Whether it's constructing a towering castle or crafting a whimsical spaceship, the joy lies in the process of creating together.

Remember that the magic of LEGO extends beyond building alone. Engage in imaginative play with the minifigs, create your own LEGO stories, and explore the boundless possibilities of this versatile toy. Allow your family to embrace the role of master builders, where the rules are theirs to make and the worlds they construct are limited only by their imaginations. Together, you'll discover that the true essence of this family activity lies not just in the bricks, but in the laughter, creativity, and quality time spent together.

I hope you consider stopping by and supporting your local Bricks & Minifigs location especially the Bricks & Minifigs location in West Babylon, NY stop in and say Hi to Rachel! Leave a comment below if you have been to your local store.

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